In brief, ANY successful professional individual or business in any field/sector who subscribes to a derivate of the legacy adage that “you are only as good as those who you surround yourself with”…

Over the past 3 decades serving successful leadership roles in the fields of Executive Management, Business Development, Marketing, Sales and PR/Media in complex, dynamic industries including professional motor sports and aviation, our Principal – Eric L. Giangiordano, has learned thru both observational and experiential analysis the following:

Most people are generally capable of “handling” projects, tasks or duties. Fewer are effective at “managing” those responsibilities personally or professionally. And far fewer still prove consistently capable of consistently delivering the leadership, vision and corollary results of the highest order that directly contribute to any individual or business’ success as defined by common key metrics including, but not necessarily limited to – financial, security, market/sector leadership and ethical standards.

So we developed the trademark “Project Resolutionist to uniquely describe and define the latter and what Resolution Management & Marketing is – a professional business advisory firm providing Personal and Corporate Business Development agent/manager services to individuals and companies – whether singular projects or broad form goals. What we deliver is diverse leadership, vision, experience and expertise far beyond common or average standards and instead singularly focused on the RESOLUTION of each project, task or duty to the highest order. Our capabilities and expertise encompass a diverse range of the services that ANY successful individual or business requires, specifically in the 5 core fields of:  Management, Business Development, Marketing, Sales and PR/Media.

You have goals  – we mutually define the project – then we become the Project Resolutionist™.