Resolution Management & Marketing LLC. was founded over a decade ago by Principal and Managing Member Eric L. Giangiordano, a multi-task oriented business executive with nearly 30 years of diverse professional management, business development, marketing, sales and PR/Media experience. His innate ability to evaluate businesses, identify areas of strength and weakness, and achieve Resolution on material impact items as a “business rainmaker” has been widely regarded in various industries.

Giangiordano’s educational background includes graduating with honors from Villanova University’s distinguished School of Business. His extensive and diverse management experience includes various high profile fields such as NASCAR/professional motor sports and aviation. Demonstrating leadership skills at an early age as an Eagle Scout, Giangiordano also brings a uniquely high level of technical aptitude to his firm’s business management and development services. Borrowing from his father’s engineering background, his resume includes unique hands-on technical aptitude that provides the ability to effectively bridge communication between the operational and executive sides of business.

A hallmark of his 25+ year professional career has been Giangiordano’s ability to methodically earn key man executive leadership positions with every corporation he has been employed and/or contracted by. His track record is ultimately judged by the legacy of clients’ success, which includes successfully creating businesses, restoring companies facing high risk for failure to stability, and significant growth/expansion for other stable corporations. His employers and clients are companies and brands recognized for leadership positions in their respective industries.

“My philosophies are based upon honesty, sincerity and positive character. Further, teamwork, effective communication, clearly identifying and managing expectations and task resolution to the highest standards of thoroughness are critical to success. Business negotiations require an aggressive but fair and ethical disposition. Ultimately, we deliver three things for clients – an exacting drive for continuous improvement, a healthy and productive work environment, and increased revenue and profitability! If you desire these types of common-sense principles, ResolutionMM welcomes the opportunity to learn more about your needs, identify mutual goals and achieve RESOLUTION of your PROJECT.”

Eric L. Giangiordano, Principal